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by: Addison Willmon

September 22, 2022

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – “Clippers and Cops” is a nonprofit organization founded by Tyrone Dennis, a former University of North Alabama (UNA) graduate and Atlanta Police Detective. Their goal is to unite the police with their communities.

Tyrone Dennis and his group toured and gave presentations at all Florence City Schools on Thursday, September 22. During the presentation, the group explained to students how one bad decision can impact the rest of their lives.

“We don’t talk at them, we talk to them. And they are able to open up and talk back to us,” Dennis said. “That’s how we get them to understand that their actions can be dire.”

Dennis told News 19 that the organization originally began in barber shops, hence the name “Clippers and Cops.” Dennis said he invited gang members, community leaders, and other residents to share their opinions and understand each other’s perspectives. 

He also said they often talked about how police interact with their communities and how they can improve their relationship with residents.

“When people say ‘what is police reform?’ I say we ‘we’re police reform.’ It takes everybody to come together to have these dialogues,” Dennis said.

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