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Clippers and Cops is a program that has been going to local barbershops since March of 2018 to create positive changes between the community and the police. Now we have expanded to classrooms and college campuses across the U.S.  The demographic of teens and young adults that need these conversations the most were not showing up to the barbershop, so the Clippers and Cops crew started showing up to them! We have visited middle & high schools, college campuses, and churches.


No longer are we trying to bridge the gap because a bridge can be broken. We want to fill the gap!

Connected Conversations

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... My students were engaged, entertained, educated, and mesmerized. The best guest speaker program I have ever seen. This program is the epitome of what Community Policing [should] look like. ...

C & C Invasion 8.jpg

J. Lawton, STUDENT

They talked to us like real men. They didn't tell us [the] things that we wanted to hear. They kept it real telling us about the real world ...

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D. Lavalle, COACH

... They help people to want to do better. They answered questions that other cops wouldn't want to answer. Some students even considered wanting to be a cop because of their presentation.

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