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Donte Booker

A.P.D.  C.O.P.S. Police Officer

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The Background

The origins of Donte Booker begin in Clairton, Pennsylvania.  As the oldest and the only boy of his parents 4 children, he has been protecting others all of his life. Growing up looking up to Walter Payton, it comes as no stretch that he too played football. He was active in his community even at a young age. He served his church in a number of ways, one of which included singing in the choir.  Raised just outside of Pittsburgh in the Blair Heights Housing Projects, he learned a lot about police and community relations. He graduated from Clairton High School with the class of 1995. He went on to play collegiate football and graduated from Georgia Tech in 2000.

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The Foreground

Naturally, most officers are called by their last names and Donte is no different. Booker currently serves APD as a C.O.P.S. officer. C.O.P.S. stands for Community Oriented Policing Section. The passion he has for breaking the stereotypes and derogatory opinions of officers was a natural propulsion for him to further extend his work into working with Clippers and Cops. He is the embodiment of Officer Friendly and all the positive things he shared; loyalty, caring, friendliness, loving, and being funny. It is only apropos that he uses the platforms that he has been blessed with to directly impact youths of all ages so that they too can overcome the same things that he did from childhood.

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The Playground

When Booker is not out pouring out into the communities that make up Atlanta, he is pouring into his family. He is gratified as a husband and father of four remarkable children. Booker is always looking forward to his next Campus Invasion with Clippers and Cops. It's hard to tell who has more fun, the students or him. His big heart for others is why he continues to serve selflessly, in the hopes that his example will be the same encouragement to them that it once was to him at a young age. Booker enjoys shooting hoops and pool when he is just kicking back and enjoying his free time.

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