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Maurice Swiney

Radio Personality - Atlanta's HOT 107.9

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The Background

Montclair, New Jersey is where Maurice Swiney's story began. He holds the line as the second oldest of his siblings. He moved frequently at and early age from state to state. He ultimately settled back in New Jersey where he graduated from Montclair High School. After high school, came to Atlanta where he attend Southern Polytechic State University on a  full scholarship.

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The Foreground

As a radio personality, he is most commonly known to the public as "Reec" of Reec Radio and Atlanta's HOT 107.9 FM. This is what he is most well known for but there is so much more to this multi-talented community collaborator. From authoring to speaking, there are no limits to what Reec will invest his talents into in service to others. In 2008 he established his own nonprofit organization known as P.A.Y. USA. Reec's personal commitment to excellence shines though in his many accomplishments, honors, as well as other business endeaors. Amongst all of his success, his greatest award is that of fatherhood to his three daughters, #GirlDad.

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The Playground

When Reec was approached to serve as the moderator for Clippers & Cops, it was a no brainer for him. It took his natural talents and gave him a positive exposure platform to insert his experiences into the conversation. Reec also serves as a board member of the Douglas County Youth Leadership Council too. In his free time he enjoys chicken farming, training dogs, playing basketball, and bowling.

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