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Orrick Curry

COO & Trainer/A.P.D. Retired Investigator & Veteran

The Background

Orrick Curry is a native of Jackson, Tennessee. He graduated from West Senior High School with honors. As the oldest of 8, he is no stranger to leadership. OK as he is called by many went on to attend Lane College before enlisting in the United States Army. While enlisted, he earned his degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University.

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The Foreground

OK is now a retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major and a retired Atlanta Police Department Investigator and Master Instructor. He has earned numerous awards, commendations, and certifications throughout his over 27 years of service with the US Army and over 21 years of service with Atlanta P.D.  His most recent honor was receiving the Dennis P. Mullen Lifetime Achievement Award. Since retiring, he continues to serve the community through numerous non-profit organizations, his numerous businesses as well as being the current president of his Homeowner's Association. 

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The Playground

OK is dedicated to volunteering his time with The Wounded Warrior Project as a Peer Support Leader along with other veteran-oriented service organizations. He joined Clippers & Cops to help aid in mending the fences between the community and law enforcement and serves as the COO and Trainer of the organization. When he is not giving back in the community or serving others if you are looking for OK check the trails or the roads leading out of town. To say that he is an avid cycler is an understatement with well over 20,000 miles under his feet. On the rare chance that he is not on his bike, pull out a map and point because he also has an insatiable appetite for new adventures as a global traveler.

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