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Campus Invasion

Going Beyond the Barbershop

From churches to universities, we are going where the people are! Want in on the dialogue? Want to be an action taker? Call us out!

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Where We Go

We are committed to the expansion of this forum to reach far beyond the barbershop. The barbershop provided a unique space in which to begin the dialogue, but those are just our origins. It cannot end there.  

We started in the city of Atlanta by first going into the schools. From elementary to university, we are doing campus takeovers across the city. However, our goals are far greater than our great city. 

We also are not limited to the schools. We are willing to come to churches, conferences, live events, and more. We are working to have an impact like a ripple effect, city, state, nation, then global.

Are you ready to join the dialogue? Call us out!   ->

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Why We Go

Atlanta is one city in one state, but the need stretches much further. For this reason, we have positioned ourselves to divide and conquer, one city and one state at a time. Going forward, soon every city will have its own chapter of Clippers & Cops.

In addition, we know that not everyone who needs us, what we offer, and the conversations we spark can come to Atlanta. It is with this knowledge that we have committed to taking Clippers & Cops to the world around us.

Are you ready to be an action taker? Call us out!   ->

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