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Tyrone Dennis

Founder & CEO/A.P.D. Retired Investigator


The Background

Straight from the streets of the Hodimont Tracks, Tyrone J. Dennis is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. Despite the challenges he faced, he graduated from Marquette High School in Chesterfield and represents the class of 1997. When asked, he will be the first to tell you that basketball saved his life. Knowing this, it is no surprise that he played basketball not only in college but on the And 1 Tour and overseas in Columbia, South America. 

Ty, as he is often called, attended Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois where he obtained his associate's degree in Criminal Justice in '99. From there, he transferred to the University of North Alabama in Florence where he also ran Cross Country. In 2002 his bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice & Sociology was conferred.

The Foreground

Ty is now a retired Atlanta Police Department Investigator. Upon his retirement in 2020, he left as APD's most decorated officer after only 16 and a half years of service. Although retired from the police department, he continues to protect and serve in other ways.


 The old adage, "History repeats itself." holds true for this accomplished son, brother, husband, father, CEO, and more. However, he found a way to put his own twist on it. Now sitting in the very office that once altered his initial life trajectory, he serves the very school system that forever changed his future. He is now the Director of Security and the District Safety Officer for the Rockwood School District. As a result of these roles, he is relentless in his dedication to being the change he seeks in his community, city, state, and this country.

Mr. "Go Pro in Life!" continues to add to his extensive awards, accreditations, and acknowledgments. Loyal to his brainchild Clippers & Cops, he continues to expand his reach as the catalyst for change nationwide.

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The Playground

When Ty is not serving the schools in an employed capacity or coaching basketball he can be found taking over stages and campuses across Georgia, Missouri, and anywhere else he is called. He fervently shares Clippers & Cops in EVERYTHING he does! As a public figure and motivational speaker, he is always on the move. Regardless, he still finds time to make his wife, kids, and family his first priority. 

In his free time, in addition to basketball, he enjoys playing football and baseball, watching sports and getting some game time in on the PlayStation 5. Now when it come to movies, he loves to laugh and watch his fellow change-maker Denzel Washington. 

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