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Tyrone Finney, Jr.

CFO/A.P.D. Police Officer


The Background

Growing up across the globe is common when both of your parents are military. However, B-More is home-base for Tyrone Finney, Jr. Although Baltimore, Maryland is where his story began, Oklahoma is where Mr. Finney graduated from Lawton High School in 2004. Despite growing up as what many would call an "Army brat", Finney as he is often called has followed his deep roots to live in service to others from an early age.

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The Foreground

Finney currently serves the Atlanta Police Department as a Senior Police Officer in multiple departments. Thus far, he has devoted the last 15 years to this great city. In addition to this, he is a proud husband and #GirlDad. He is a quiet, laid-back soul, but that is permissible for his secondary field of interest. He thoroughly enjoys being behind the scenes. His second specialty is in working with computers and graphic design. 

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The Playground

When Finney is not protecting or serving or spending time with his girls, he can be found working in the background for Clippers & Cops as their CFO. He also enjoys shooting hoops and exploring cars with his friends. He is passionate about giving back and making a difference, a mission he strives to fulfill daily.

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