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Andre Lowe, Jr.

A.P.D. Homicide Investigator

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The Background

Andre Lowe, Jr. is the eldest born child of his parents and is a native born of Atlanta, Georgia. From Rock Chapel Elementary to DeKalb County's Shephenson High Shool where he graduated from in 2003, he was educated in the Atlanta Public School system. He aspired from an early age to follow in his father's footsteps and play baseball professionally so he set out to achieve just that starting with playing for the Jaguars. He went on after school to begin his first role of protecting and serving as a security guard for Coca-Cola.


The Foreground

Despite not fulfilling his athletic dreams, he found he had new dreams that lead him to the Atlanta Police Department. "The First 48" as the team calls him, currently serves the department as a Homicide Detective. He has served the department in a couple different divisions but found his niche in the homicide unit. This come as no shock with a grandfather that also served with the Philadelphia Police Department. With hopes of loving the life he lives ,he dedicates his time to helping the people to understand their rights, the officers who serve them, and bridging the gap through empathy. It is why with great passion and fervor, he continues the legacy of his beloved grandfather.


The Playground

Lowe is always down to support a worthy cause. The first on that list is the Clippers & Cops organization as they are an organization whose aspirations are parallel to those of his own personal goals. Although somewhat introverted, he keeps busy being active in the community. He referees high school basketball games as well. His ultimate desire is to positively impact at last one life daily. He enjoys football in addition to basketball but baseball is still his first love.  

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