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Meet The Team

Blue Smoke

Who We Are

The "Elite Eight" is a team of gap fillers that just adds to the many things that make Atlanta awesome! They are elite on and off the field, in and on the courts, and on and off the job. However, one job that never ends is that of making Atlanta, Georgia, and America safer. Each member was hand-selected by the Founder and CEO. This team works tirelessly to accomplish this through C.E.E., communication, education, and elevation.

- Communicate | Connect with the community and open dialogue about the challenges that are faced on both sides of the badge.

- Educate | Inform and train the community and law enforcement on tactics to be implemented for safer encounters, better relationships, and the elimination of negative attitudes towards one another.

Elevate | "When you know better you do better", but Atlanta is just the epicenter for where it all begins. The ripple effect will span nationwide and beyond. "Each one, teach one" is not just a saying, it is the way of life for #TheElite8!

Click each team member below to learn more about them and their social impact beyond the badge and business.

"Our goal is to take our forum around the country to other cities and to partner with these other cities in an effort to create change. It is the duty of the police to get to know the people whom they serve. It is also the public's duty to get to know the officers who swore an oath to protect and serve them. We have to work together to make our communities and neighborhoods better. They say it takes a village, well, WE ARE The Village People!"




Our Mission

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