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The Eight Clippers & CopsTeam members outside  in white Clippers & Cops jerseys



Early Group photo outside the Cleveland Ave Barbershop
A Description of How Clippers & Cops all began

Clippers & Cops

Clippers & Cops was started March 1,2018 when a group of citizens and cops came together at Stoney’s Barbershop located at 384 Edgewood Av and had uncensored dialogue. We created a box and allowed everyone to put two questions in a box and we pulled the questions from the box as everyone is not as vocal as others but it set forth away for everyone to be heard.

Our goal is to take our forum around the country to other cities and to partner with these other cities in an effort to create change. It is the duty of the police to get to know the people in which they serve. It is also the publics duty to get to know those same police. We have to work together to make our communities and neighborhoods better. They say it takes a village well we are the Village People.

In May 2018 we moved the forum from the barbershop to the ZuCot Art Gallery located at 100 Centennial Olympic Park for more space as the crowd doubled again as we put the information out to the public. It also allowed us to bring in the Shoot Don’t Shoot simulator so that regular civilians could test out their split second decision making in which officers have to do everyday.

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